Porch Life

Yangon, Myanmar

“Make your front porch a part of your home,
and it will make you a part of the world.”
– John Sarris

South Carolina, USA

“Heaven is a house with porch lights.”
Ray Bradbury


“I like to sit on the front porch of an old cabin I built in the woods and just listen to the birds; I like to fish in the pond and I always throw the fish back.”
– Johnny Cash


“…If people took some chamomile tea and spent more time rocking on the porch in the evening listening to the liquid song of the hermit thrush, they might enjoy life more.”
– Tasha Tudor


“It was one of those humid days when the atmosphere gets confused. Sitting on the porch, you could feel it: the air wishing it was water.”
– Jeffrey Eugenides


“My ideal summer day was reading on the porch.”
– Harold E. Varmus

Papua New Guinea

“It turns out that our ability to connect with other people is driven by our ability to connect deeply with ourselves. And that can be just a few minutes sitting on your porch feeling the breeze against your face. That can be a few moments spent in meditation or in prayer or remembering three things you’re grateful for.”
– Vivek Murthy


“A best friend is someone with whom you can sit on the porch, without a word, and then walk away with the feeling that it was the best conversation that ever had in your life. I would like to see next to me was the man in whose presence my heart beat would be evenly and uniformly, the man next to whom I would be calm, because I was not afraid to be the next day to lose him. And the time would have flowed more slowly, and we could just keep quiet, knowing that to talk with us there is still a whole life.”
– Paulo Coelho


“The swing on your porch is a better liver of life
than the chair in front of your desk.”
– Terri Guillemets


“Maybe marriages were made in heaven, but we believe in giving the old-fashioned porch-swing some credit.”
– Robert Elliott Gonzales

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