San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2022

“To live without mirrors is to live without the self.”
– Margaret Atwood

Kashmir, 1999

“I sit at my window gazing the
world passes by, nods to me, and is gone.”
– Rabindranath Tagore

India, 1978

“There’s a world out there.
Open a window, and it’s there.”
– Robin Williams

Burma/Myanmar, 2010

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”
– John Joseph Powell

Kashmir, 1998
China, 1989
Tibet, 2001

“I can’t play bridge. I don’t play tennis.
All those things that people learn, and I admire,

there hasn’t seemed time for.
But what there is time for is looking out the window.”
– Alice Munro

Afghanistan, 2002

“The relation between what we see and what we know
is never settled.”
– John Berger

India, 2010
China, 1985
Ethiopia, 2013

“I became startled by the extraordinary difference between something whose surface is completely invisible which only makes itself present by virtue of what it reflects, and a window, which doesn’t make itself apparent at all…”
– Jonathan Miller

 Cécilia Tsan, France, 1989

“You can look in the mirror and find a million things wrong with yourself. Or you can look in the mirror and think, ‘I feel good, I have my health, and I’m so blessed.’
That’s the way I choose to look at it.”
– Isla Fisher

Pakistan, 1983

“The heart of the wise, like mirrors, should reflect all objects without being sullied by any.”
– Confucius

Pakistan, 1981

“And if you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself,
get a better mirror.”
– Shane L. Koyczan

Afghanistan, 1992
Afghanistan, 1992

“A short story is what you see when you
look out of the window.”
-Mavis Gallant

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The Eyes of Humanity
April 29 – July 30, 2022
Frankfurt, Germany

Oltre il Cibo
May 7 – September 4, 2022
Ventimiglia, Italy

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Around the World in 80 Images
February 24 – May 7, 2022
Barcelona, Spain

April 14 – September 18, 2022
Riccione, Italy

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For Freedom
March 29 – July 17, 2022
Palermo, Italy

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November 27 – May 1, 2022
Torino, Italy

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The World of Steve McCurry
January 22 – May 28, 2022
Santa Monica, California
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Le Monde De Steve McCurry
December 9 – July 31, 2022
Paris, France

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By Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than thirty years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world to his name.

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The importance of the “mirror”as revealing life and it’s elements cannot be over emphasize… Thanks anyways for sharing.

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