Tribute Art

It is a great privilege to receive works by other artists who have been inspired by Steve McCurry’s photography.

Gretta Chaffer, United Kingdom

It is a wonderful affirmation of the strength and dignity of the faces of these people and places around the world. We want to thank everyone who sent us their works. 

Nanci Relf, United States
Isabelle Poitrinal, France
Giada Tentori, Italy
Sujay Bhattacharya, India
Patrick Crechet, France
Lana Frye, United States
Shawmy Thilip, Switzerland
Rukiye Demirci, Turkey
Deepika Ramshetty, India
Emilia García, Spain
Rajesh Pillai, India
Gerda Rombauts, Belgium
Patty Burt, UK
Luciano Laezza, Italy
Sandra Espinosa, Italy
Taylor Brown, Canada
Anna Annibale, Italy
Emily Jarvis, United States
Nirupa Metta, United States
Jonel Scholtz, South Africa
Diane Hull, UK

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