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New Book: Steve McCurry:  A Life in Pictures, by Bonnie McCurry

The selection of photographs includes Steve’s best-known shots
and more than 100 previously unpublished images.
Also included are personal notes, telegrams and
visual ephemera from his travels and assignments,
all accompanied by his sister’s text, personal recollections
and family stories.

Rajasthan, India  This is the cover of the French edition published by La Martiniere

Most of my pictures are grounded in people.
I look for the unguarded moment,
 experience etched on a person’s face.
I try to convey what it is like to be that person, a person caught in
a broader landscape that I guess you’d call the human condition.
– Steve McCurry

Istanbul, Turkey


In his portraits, I see the clearest reflection of Steve’s most
dearly held value: respect.
– Bonnie McCurry, pg 182 in English version



Bamako, Mali

McCurry has an uncanny ability to cross boundaries of
language and culture to capture stories of human experience,
and make images that embrace the audience
rather than distance them.
– Giles Huxley-Parlour

Baluchistan, Pakistan

Landi Kotal, Pakistan

Old Havana, Cuba

The undercurrent of positivity that runs through his work makes
him extraordinarily 
popular with the public, who find his
work speaks to them in  ways that other photographers cannot manage.
He is not afraid to confront trauma and hardship, but nor is he artistically
compromised by joy and beauty–to me, this makes him a
standout photographer of our times…
– Giles Huxley-Parlour


I think we’re all fascinated with each other; we all have the same face
but yet we’re all different.
That difference is fascinating because so often there’s an
incredible story told on our faces.
– Steve McCurry

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Santiago, Chile

Alabama, USA

Moray, Scotland

To me, the half-hidden smiles and open eyes that so often appear in these portraits imply that these portraits are not Steve’s alone; rather they are collaborations of a sort. These people give themselves to Steve, and in turn, Steve gives them the opportunity to tell their story to the world.
– Bonnie McCurry

US Mexico Border

Cape Town, South Africa


US Mexico Border

Karelia, Russia

 Steve McCurry:  A Life in Pictures

Available in Italian – Mondadori/Electa

Available in German – Knesebeck publishers

Available in English – Laurence King Publishers

Available in French- La Martiniere